We have different experiences focused on improving body composition, performance and health.

If none of them fits what you are looking for, we can design it for you!

Our Programmes

What if going on vacation means creating better habits in your daily life?

Healthy day

A unique experience that combines nutrition and training to enjoy and explore a different form of entertainment.

3 Day Control Weight Plan

Designed to improve your wellbeing and control your weight. Know your percent fat, muscle mass and visceral fat; enjoy a tailored menu of 5 healthy meals, daily training and a nutrition workshop.

7 Day Fat loss & Strong Retreat

A 7-day retreat in the most exclusive setting in Marbella that will help you lose fat and feel young. Enjoy a unique experience with healthy meals, Mediterranean gastronomy, nutrition workshops and personal training.

Who can benefit from the programmes?

Families and friends

For families and groups of friends, interested in enjoying a healthy lifestyle during their holidays.

Couples who want to improve their physique and reduce stress

To arrive at your wedding day without stress and the best physical shape you can be.


To increase business performance through wellness activities or retreats.

Our services

Elige una actividad o experiencia sin necesidad de adquirir un programa

Personal training

100 € per session (up to 8 people)

Gastronomic experience

2 hours duration. Recipes based on a Mediterranean dietary pattern adapted to different situations and objectives. 300€ (up to 8 people) 599€ (up to 15 people) 899€ (up to 20 people)

Nutrition workshop

2 hours long. Informative workshops focused on learning. Completely individualised themes. 299€ (up to 6 people) 499€ (up to 10 people) 799€ (up to 20 people)

Personalised menu for home delivery

Personalised menu for home delivery

Where do you want to enjoy your experience?

We have the most exclusive hotels with all the comforts and services to develop each of our experiences. To enjoy greater privacy with unique features, choose one of our villas. You will live an unforgettable experience.

It's the perfect time to change your lifestyle.

We design your tailor-made experience and the destination that best suits you and your family.

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